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Trake...in your supermarket freezer aisle

only when stocks last

7/13/09 08:45 pm

I like to keep every neatly packed away.
How will i keep it so?

5/21/09 09:47 am

after a long awaited absence...
i'm back

this is what i'm spending my three minute between assignments breather on, so you should feel special. The point of this post is not to update you in the ongoings of my life because the truth is you really don't want to read about it. That's ok, i can deal with that. But it is Baggy's Birthday TODAY so get your shit together because we're going out for some food.

Where? Bar Italia, Norton Street
When? Let's make it 12 noon

Comment so we'll expect you.


Hope all your times are fine and dandy.

3/17/09 04:32 pm

On the international day of boozing up, it's time to chronicle the different varieties of the drunk:

The energetic/fidgety drunk: Now this includes me and even though you may be quite tired, alcohol will act like 30 berocca and some acid. It will wake you from your deepest slumber and people will like the drunk version of you much more than they like the sober version. There are good and bad issues with that. You will be liked...but only when everyone else is drunk, and in most cases you will be too. Bad: you'll have to be permanently intoxicated for people to like you. Though for some people that's not a bad thing.

The sleepy drunk: Mostly applies to asians for some reason. As soon as alcohol touches the blood stream of the said individual, they will fall instantaneously asleep. Sleepy drunks should under all circumstances be sitting while drinking alcohol or they will find themselves waking up with their face stuck to the pub floor.

The violent drunk: I'm hoping that there aren't that many out there but they do occur. The punch becomes the reflex action from alcohol, completely uncontrollable and always there.

The sleasy drunk: Now this is the reason for many pregnancies, one night stands, and why ugly individuals get laid. And you know it's true. Alcohol brings out lots of hugging, stroking, groping... i think you're getting the gist of what i mean.

The talky drunk: This person will never shut up should alcohol hit their brain. In many cases they actually think clearer when they're drunk. These people usually do quite well at uni despite permanent inebriation. Damn those buggers.

The Silent/philosophical drunk: Unlike everyone else, being drunk turns them into some sort of hermit, mostly due to the depressing truths about life which are revealed with alcohol. Many times these individuals find themselves crying in alleyways and sitting with their best friends in the morning discussing the disgusting state of their love life.

I'm not sure if there are more but these are really umbrella categories. Know another category that don't fit in?
Comment with a new category or what type you are.

I am the energetic drunk.
p.s. Happy Birthday Rosie

3/14/09 01:09 pm - gigs

Now, i can't go to sparkadia gig i don't think.
But i'm still up for crooked fiddle band tix at the Vanguard
Tix are 20.80 if we buy on the net

so who's in?
they're fantastic live

2/16/09 10:18 am - GIG WATCH

Who wants to see "Sydney's chainsaw-folk vigilantes The Crooked Fiddle Band" At the Gaelic this weekend? Tix are 15 bucks.

Also Sparkadia are playing at the factory theatre on the 4th of April for 18.50.

So huh?

2/14/09 05:35 pm


Louis Theroux is hilarious and disturbing at the same time. I'm currently watching the Weird Weekends Episode about Off-Off-Broadway at which point he auditions for a Norwegian Cruise Liner.
Ha Gold

2/13/09 11:27 am - PRE-UNIVERSITY YUM CHA???

Who's up for some Yum-Cha????
On either the 17th or the 18th?
I want to see everyone in an environment which makes us all slightly uncomfortable.
Absolutely everyone is invited. Request a day and watch it all unfold.

Hurry up peeps!!
I want this to happen.

2/9/09 10:43 pm - Accents

Now due to the heavy reliance on most big name film companies on drawing in box office sales by hiring a big "AMERICAN" for films, what you get is "THE MOVIE WHERE YOU SPEND THE WHOLE TIME COMPLETELY DISTRACTED BY THE INCONSISTENT ACCENT". And it's always an american doing another accent. It's hardly ever the australian who does the crap american accent....actually sorry I retract that statement, i have three words for you: The Sleepover Club. I don't know whether you people out there have watched as much post-school afternoon teen programs but this had got to be one of the worst. Not only did they have v. bad narrative (a plus in afternoon programming - because who's brain works post school), but they needed to make sure that not one but TWO of the girls had english accents. And as per usual they were not Chav/Cockney or the mildly disturbing Bristol accent; they were both very closely related to THE QUEEN!!! As all brits do.

I just want to see a show where the brits turn up and there is a chav, a bristolian ("Are you right, my lover?") and someone from Wales. That will confuse the commercial channel audiences.

What channel seven should so buy is...WAWFFACTOR. Truthfully I don't know how to say it but you've got the jist of the possible difficulties which could arise when a network in Australia buys the Welsh version of Idol. And some of you may be thinking, yeah no worries, they're still talking and singing in English. WRONG!!! It's in actual welsh and it's ruddy funny to watch.

I'm losing the point, yes, accents. Let's run through some v. atrocious attempts at the "English Accent"

Anne Hathaway in Becoming Jane: It might just be because she oozes American-ness or that her voice is naturally high but my gosh what possessed the casting director of this flick to cast an American as JANE AUSTEN!!!! If you're American i can give you some concession but if you're British will i get arrested if I suggest that you should be sacrificed for the sake of bad casting? Jane Austen is a sacred figure in the the history of the UK let alone in Literature and her accent really is ridiculous. Apart from being at a ridiculously high pitch, her diction is through the roof which would be great in a speech class but i can just feel how much spit would have been flying at James McAvoy during filming.

Drew Barrymore in Ever After: In the movie that my sister makes the family watch over and over again, Barrymore's accent slips and falls about like a fat kid in a jumping castle covered in grease. And while that mental image runs rife in your mind, I should point out that at no point in the movie does she at all convince you that she is either (1) English or (2) French which for true accuracy she's meant to be. The real star in this film is the Costuming department who quite happily isolated Dougray Scot's genitalia from the rest of his costume.

Meryl Streep in that Australian Movie: Although this is what the rest of the world thinks we sound like it's just plain funny. "DINGAWS GOT MAI BAYBEE!!"

And quickly through the good accents:

Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder: There is v. little "Australian-speak" in this movie but what is spoken is pure gold. If you close your eyes you're basically listening to Russel Crowe in an interview it's so good it's even possibly creepy.

Cate Blanchett in All the movies she's ever done: Now I'm not one of those fan girly people who rush out to the cinemas as soon as a Blanchett movie comes out but if there's one thing this lady can do well is accents. From Queen Elizabeth the First to Tracey from Cabramatta it's just gold. I think the real highlight is her performance in the Aviator.

Every British Actor and Australian Actor to be cast in TV Shows and Movies in the US: Because they wouldn't hire you unless you could assimilate...

Apart from Jesse Spencer.


2/4/09 10:27 pm - hello m'dear

Hello Livejournal World,
I realise I haven't posted for a while but rest assured, I've been reading about your raging lives and aweing at the excitement of your lives.

My life's been very interestingly....well boring. Over the Christmas break I've just been working a lot and when I wasn't working I've been at home tending to my family. I feel guilty when I go out so, i don't.

Well If you've been reading Freya's blog then you'd have heard about the shenanigans we had with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. I've so very bad when it comes to meeting someone I'm really fanatic about. And we met them and got their signatures and they're both so nice!!!!!

Truthfully I was a little hesitant about going to see them at the Speigeltent because I never want to have that moment where your image of the people you admire is shattered. But they were great, I'm sure Ben Folds is great. I'm not sure whether I'd ever want to meet Mark Ronson (because he's too cool), I'd love to meet the guys from the Cat Empire, I don't think I would like to meet the members of Sigur Ros or Bjork because It would just be really really awkward. i adore them but I understand reality.

Oh and since the holidays have started, i've been reading a lot, watching a lot of movies and a lot of comedy things and hence allows me to develop little crushes on various actors. So here's a couple of more individuals on the "hit" list:

Colin Hanks: featured in King Kong and various other shows but he's got the perfect amount of geekiness for me. There's no one on my "hit" list that doesn't have at least a slight air of nerdiness. Life is better that way.

Shit, I've forgotten all the other MEN!!!! How was that possible?

No worries, it's getting late because i have a piano lesson tomorrow morning.

Local Trake

1/12/09 12:08 pm - Highlighters

Now, as the summer rolls on there seems to be even more people assulted with ORANGE!!! And now i think we've evolved from just being orange to being your hair colour. I swear the number of people who are now the wrong colour is just HUGE!!!!! Why does it look like, if they haven't been assaulted by a giant orange highlighter, they look like they've been dipped in MOLASSES. WHY!!!?!??!?!?!

In conjunction to this, hem lines have been rising. And with that the number, the number of people who should not be wearing the upper hem lines. Why they fuck are hem lines sitting just under the butt cheek? WHY???????WHY?????????

I feel mentally scarred everytime i see that.
How elusive are you if you can see everything???????

Even Dita Von Tesse understands!!! WHy doesn't everyone else?
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